I'm Anjali and I help women grow their wealth though investing.


You deserve to be financially empowered.

Deep down, you know it too.  

The problem is—you don't think of yourself as an investor. You know that you should do something with your savings - which are sitting in cash (yikes!).

And yet, you see your male colleagues, brother & dad all diving head fit into the stock market & growing their wealth. The truth is that women are often unsure of taking the the first steps because they believe some common myths about in investing, like that you need:

  • You need to have a lot of money to invest
  • You need to have a lot of time to devote to researching stocks
  • You need to have a high tolerance for risk
  • You can wait til later to invest

But guess what? None of these things are true. We've just been conditioned to think that they are.

Being financially empowered is something that is accessible to every woman, including you. And this is a skill that can absolutely be learned.

"Working with you allowed me to feel empowered with my money and my life. You broke down my beliefs about investing and showed me that women deserve to feel like they have control over their wealth and financial freedom. "

- Emma Cantaoe, Millenial entrepreneur


$100K by the age of 28. That's what I grew my wealth to. Learn to invest so that you can be financially empowered too.

“I came out of the coaching program empowered & in control. I now have a clear idea of where I want my future self to be financially”

Sandy Gill, Sales professional & Mother

About Anjali

  • 20 years of experience in the investment industry
  • Left the 9-5 at the age of 28
  • Spent 30's living off investment income
  • Worked for many of the big banks like Goldman Sachs & PIMCO in London
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

Let's get you growing your wealth.


Experience the joy of speaking... 

Have you been invited to speak and felt panicked about it?

Maybe you're an entrepreneur who wants to grow a community of like-hearted fans (and know that sharing your ideas is the best way to do that), but you get 'butterflies' at the thought stepping out front.  

Or perhaps you're a CEO or leader who loves numbers, but hesitates to tell the emotive story that makes those numbers meaningful.  

Or maybe you've been feeling the pull to do a TEDx talk - but are just not sure where to start or how to do it in a way that really matters to the audience, and isn't just another forgettable 20-minute talk.  

Do you have an idea that you want the world to hear... but can't quite wrap your head around the title of 'speaker'?

You're an unspeaker

Unspeakers are idea-driven leaders and changemakers who buck the typical speaking approach because they want to bring their authentic, connected and courageous voice to the world! 

I'm Sally Zimney.

I'm a mom, wife, bubbly water addict, Minnesotan, and professional speaking coach who's spent the last 20 years helping thousands of people all over the world learn to peel back layers of public speaking myths to share powerful ideas with authenticity, a cohesive narrative, and a powerful point of view.  

I don't believe in formulas. There are a million ways to approach speaking and once you find the best approach for you, speaking can begin to feel less terrifying and more exciting.  

I also don't believe in perfection. The things you think make you seem 'unpolished' or 'uninteresting' are often the very aspects of your personality people find truly refreshing and fun! 

I can help you do more than develop your speaking skills. I'll teach you how to truly connect with your audience and find the power of your own voice. Because that's what will make you feel unflappable (and bonus: it's a lot more fun that way, too)!

You can exhaust yourself trying to be impressive. 

I know—you want to cover your fears, self-doubts, and mistakes and get yourself pitch perfect. I totally get it.  

When we're on stage or in front of a room, what comes out of our mouths feels like it carries the weight of the world. Like it has the potential to make or break our credibility. 

Clients hire me to:

  • perfect their presentation
  • finely tune their hand gestures and obsess over word choice
  • help them recite memorized, beautifully-crafted talks that flow elegantly
  • buffer them from mistakes and mishaps
  • insulate them from bad feedback

To some extent, I can. (I'm really good.)

We practice and build their skills—which expands their confidence.  

But then I tell them something surprising:

I don't want you to be perfect.

And here's why...

"Perfect" speaking skills don't really matter. What does? The ability to truly connect with your audience. 

Are you ready to put an end to the confusion, dread, and frenzy of public speaking? 


Questions? I'm here for you!

If you’re new here, please check out these learning opportunities: 

This Moved Me Podcast

MoversU (online school for speakers) 

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Virtual & In-Person Speaker Coaching 

Over the past twenty years as a professional speaker and speaking coach in high-demand, I can help you transform the way you approach public speaking so you learn to love it and truly excel at it! 

Every speaker needs a speaking coach. 

Here are a few reasons why:

Because it's hard to know how you're really doing. Your friends and loved ones can give you feedback, but often it's conflicting feedback; or it's feedback that's not grounded in what really works onstage; OR they care about you too much to tell you the awkward truth. 

Because when you've prepped your talk and it isn't feeling quite right, it's hard to know what to fix because you're simply too close to the material. This is a scary place to be—especially alone—because when you don't know how make your talk better, your mind goes bonkers with your worst fears of bombing on stage.

Because many of my clients have backed into public speaking—it's not something they ever truly desired for themselves but their careers have made it necessary—and they feel totally out of their element (despite being impressively accomplished in other areas of their lives).

Can you relate?

“I’ve had so many people say “‘wow - that was so different than any other talk you’ve given!” And I didn’t feel nervous, rushed, or uncomfortable for a change!”

Remi Stonewall

Which type of coaching is right for you? 

You live anywhere in the world and want to work together. 

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Are you ready to put an end to the confusion, dread, and frenzy of public speaking? 


Online Classes

Which class is right for you? 

The Get on Your Feet Challenge

Go from script to performance in 5 days!

The Speaking Story Course

Develop and deliver stories that connect, catalyze and convert!

“I’ve had so many people say “‘wow - that was so different than any other talk you’ve given!” And I didn’t feel nervous, rushed, or uncomfortable for a change!”

Remi Stonewall


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